casino social gaming Australia

Parliament of Australia Considers Ban on Social Casino Gaming

casino social gaming Australia
casino social gaming

Australia is amongst the countries that are making notable steps in preventing gambling addiction. And with that plan in place, the Parliament of Australia has put forward a petition to the speaker to consider a ban on social casino gaming.

The bill was passed to its first reading in the House of Representatives of the Australian Federal Parliament.

During the previous week, MP Andrew Wilkie went on and tabled a Private Members Bill. This is the Interactive Gambling Amendment (Banning Social Casinos and Other Measures) Bill 2020.

This proposal has been brought forward before the Gambling Act (IGA) 2001. Therefore, according to the IGA, and practice of real money casino is prohibited, at the same time, the bill put forward to reclassify social casino games and include them in real money category.

Social Casinos A Great Promotional Tool for Online Casinos

Whilst the reading of the bill in the House of Representatives was taking place. MP Andrew Wilkie, one of the people who are fighting against gambling-related harm gave an explanation of what exactly casino games are. He also gave emphasis on how there is a crossover from them to online casinos.

Social casino games can also pave the way for problematic gambling, because they normalise gambling 
behaviours, increase the player’s confidence in winning and make gambling seem more socially 
acceptable and risk-free. This not only instils false confidence in players and encourages greater 
spending on social casinos but also primes players for movement on to more serious gambling sites

—Andrew Wilkie

In addition, casino games are now aiming real money players with ads from the best online casinos that are rooted in social media platforms.

Gambling in Australia Poses Serious Threats

With the reports that were carried out in the Financial Review by MPs, there has been a notable increase in gambling activities during the period of land-based casinos shutdown was registered. Some of the organisation posting a 114% increase in online gambling transactions.

Moreover, counselling services were recording a spike in demand even though most casinos and clubs were closed. They concluded that online gambling poses the same risk of gambling addiction amongst Australian gamblers. This is the result of easy access to online casino services.

Final Thoughts

Even though Andrew Wilkie is pushing for a ban on social casino gaming in Aussie. There is no possibility that they can achieve a ban on online casinos. Many gamblers have found refugee on this platform and it will be hard for the Aussie Parliament to scramble online gambling on one go.

Social casino games might face abolishment but doing the same for real money casino games online will surely be a tooth and nail battle.


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