Outrage Over Casino Mobile Phone Games

Outrage Over Casino Mobile Phone Games that Groom Children for Lifetime Betting

Outrage Over Casino Mobile Phone Games
Outrage Over Casino Mobile Phone Games

Casino mobile phone games have been enabling real money to win big in prizes at the best Aussie casinos. But the initiative has been criticized as a tool being used to prepare children for a lifetime gambling.

MP Andrew Wilkie has been advocating for a ban on casino-style games in Australia the previous week. His major concerns were that these casino games are causing gambling addictions to Australians.

“its totally a con and it should be illegal, Andrew Wilkie said.

Mr Wilkie imposed massive critics on many games. Games such as Big Fish Casino is amongst the casino mobile phone games that are available.

These games are available on Facebook and on the mobile app store. They are out initiating children to develop gambling habit and most Australians are against these developments.

“These are gambling companies looking at new ways to effectively groom children for a lifetime of gambling,” Mr Wilkie elaborated.    

He gave an emphasis that online casinos are illegal in Australia at the same time, casino games are a grey area once they start out free.

A Fleeting look on Casino Mobile Phone Games in Australia

Amongst the casino mobile phone games, Big Fish is owned by the Australian Pokie manufacture Aristocrat. The games amongst Big Fish is to allow players to gamble for real money online.

Moreover, social casino player gambler Suzie Kelly lost a massive $400,000 playing online games. One of the reasons why Mr. Wilkie has been calling for the Australian parliament to ban any form of gambling in the country.

“Players are enticed in with free chips and credits, only to be encouraged to pay real money to continue playing or place higher bets. The real kicker is that players can’t cash out once the game is finished.”

Final Thoughts

The Australian parliament must have a serious look at gambling activities that are taking place in the country. The outrage amongst the citizens has propelled Mr Wilkie to advocate the ban on any form of betting in the country.

Nevertheless, online casinos can offer you the best gaming experience. Nevertheless, you should try to place your bets on casinos outside Aussie that have amended the gambling bill.


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