Illegal Online Casino

Illegal Online Casinos Thriving During COVID-19 Lockdown

Illegal Online Casino
Illegal Online Casino

Traffic to illegal online casinos are flourishing during the global COVID-19 lockdown. Even though the government of Australia has regulated a whack-a-mole attempt to combat illegal casino online sites in the country.

However, according to the new data collection carried out by analytics organisation, SEMrush. The number of searches in Australia for “online pokies” has increased from 12,100 in the month of February to a massive 40,500 in the month of April. This is in the wake of the global pandemic that has forced clubs and legal casinos to shut their doors.

The online traffic from Australia promoted online casinos, JokaRoom doubled up from 606,407 visits to 1.2 million in February. SEMrush data shows.

Furthermore, the search request for the keyword “online casino Australia real money” increased by almost 540%. At the same time, searches for “Australian online casino reviews” increased ten-fold.

A Move to Block Illegal Online Casinos in Australia

The increase in illegal online casinos in Australia has been caught the attention of the authorities. And moves to combat the operation of these online casinos is now imminent. The Australian Communication and Media Authority has given an order to internet service providers to block over 50 illegal online casino websites.

They have given a warning that the websites are frequently defrauding users by offering harmful measures online.

The ACMA spokesperson highlighted that the regulators are very much aware of these illegal online websites targeting Australian. And there are measures in place to continue blocking these websites.

Moreover, Allex Russell, a popular gambling researcher at Central Queensland University mentioned that he was expecting an increase in online gambling as most poker and slot machines shut down.

With online casino, gaming becoming attractive compared to sports betting and lotteries gamblers are likely to turn their attention to what is available. And for that reason that’s why we are witnessing a massive boom on illegal online casinos.

“Gambling is an addiction so having that taken away from you overnight is a big deal, so they’re going to look for something else,” Russell said.

Final Thoughts

Above all, according to a data survey of 1000 people, 33% gamble online in April compared to the beginning of the year. Moreover, one in five people indicated that they were playing online casino games and real money pokies a lot in April compared to last year.


[accordiongroup id=”848″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”848″ title=”⭐ Is it illegal to gamble in Australia?” active=””]It is illegal to provide gambling activities such as online casino in Australia. Any gambling game such as is purely prohibited in Aussie.[/accordion][accordion group=”848″ title=”⭐ Can you bet online in Australia?” active=””]Sports betting online is legal in Australia. Numerous authorised sportsbooks are currently in operation.[/accordion][accordion group=”848″ title=”⭐ How do I deposit money?” active=””]To get real money, you have to get real money in. so you look for the cashier, look for the option that you want to use. Select deposit and enter the amount and confirm. And that’s all there is to it.[/accordion][accordion group=”848″ title=”⭐ Is it safe to gamble online?” active=””]Online gambling is safe only if you place your real money bets at reputable and reliable online casinos.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]