Australia gambling

Australian Online Gambling Expenditure Still above Pre-Pandemic levels

Australia gambling
Australia gambling

Aussie casino gambler continues to spend a lot of real money on online gambling during the lockdown period.

The recent report of figures from the economic analysts AlphaBeta and credit bureau Ilion show total spending in the week ending of June 1 falling only 2%.

Nevertheless, the spending from other sectors of the economy on categories such as gyms, pubs, public transport, travel and many other are still below the norm while spending is much higher in some sectors that include:

  1. Department stores +21%
  2. Home improvement +30%
  3. Apps, games and music +30%
  4. Health services +35%
  5. Alcohol and tobacco +39%
  6. Furniture and office +74%
  7. Food delivery 248%

In addition, online gambling has scored the highest with gamblers spending up to 110% from its normal spending. This is a much higher rate than 60% rise compared to the data showed in the week ending April 19.

At the same time, it is also very significant to take note that some of the Aussie major sporting leagues have resumed their games. This is now actually amazing for sports punters in Aussie to place their bets on various gambling space.

Online Gambling Dominating Lockdown Restrictions

The Aussie’s COVID-19 pandemic lockdown abolish the possibility for citizens to visit the local pub and casinos down the road. This has indulge the country’s most favoured gambling pastime. At that time, it was highlighted that casinos might remain closed for the next six months and that has paved way for online gambling to dominate the gambling space in Australia.

From this week’s Sydney Morning Herald they published web search data from SEMrush, which indicate searches for online pokies triple from February to April. This is after the closing of all the casinos in Straya.

Moreover, other searches for the Keyword “online casino Australia real money increased 540% with Australia online casino reviews increased tenfold.

Final Thoughts

The online gambling Aussie is enjoying an awesome purple patches period with gamblers flocking their way to place real money bets online. It’s a never ending joy for gamblers as their betting opportunities are still available despite the many businesses including land casinos facing closure.


[accordiongroup id=”415″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”415″ title=”⭐ What is the most popular form of gambling in Australia?” active=”true”]Even though there have been some good developments in online gambling and land casino gambling. The popular betting practice continue to be lottery gaming and scratch tickets with 40.1% ahead of poker machines with 13.7% whereas betting is 9.4%.[/accordion][accordion group=”415″ title=”⭐ Does Australia have casinos?” active=””]Australia consists of legal gambling frame. And the types of betting practice you will come across include horseracing tracks, sports betting The largest state in Australia Victoria consists of 18 gambling facilities. These facilities encompass 405 table games along with 2,565 gaming slot and video poker machines.[/accordion][accordion group=”415″ title=”⭐ Is gambling popular in Australia?” active=””]Betting in Australia is very popular with the government generating tax from sports betting and other poker machines at casinos.[/accordion][accordion group=”415″ title=”⭐ What do Australians bet on?” active=””]Over half a million Australian adults place their bets on sports apart from horse and greyhound betting. The Aussie gamblers represented 3.3% of adults’ gamblers.[/accordion][accordion group=”415″ title=”⭐ How much does Australia spend on gambling?” active=””]Australian spend close to $20 billion every year on betting alone. Most of this money is injected into the country’s 200,000 poker machines.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]