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Crown Casino in Burswood to Reopen as WA Moves to Phase Four of COVID-19 Restrictions

Crown Casino
Crown Casino

Even though COVID-19 has brought many businesses to a halt, the time has come for organisations in Australia to start reopening their doors. As many businesses are now open, Crown Casino will now re-open its gaming floor on Saturday. The casinos in Aussie will start its operations for the first time in three months.

This bold move by Western Australia will now take a good leap to normality. The famous Burswood entertainment hub was stripped from allowing gamblers under the Phase Three restrictions.

But as of Friday, those restrictions will no longer be applicable. This allows Crown Casino to put their house in order and be ready to welcome gamblers to play slot machines and casino table games.

However, as much as we are all excited about the reopening of casinos. There is still a need for us to practise the precautionary measures.

The maximum capacity that is at the gaming floor will be done under the 2sqm rule. The casino will surely keep some measures in place to ensure the practice of social distance.

However, these the phase four developments have been welcomed by many stakeholders. Bradley Woods who is the Australian Hotel Association Chief Executive is pleased with the reopening of many businesses.

“The vast majority of venues will and should be open and we’ll see a very large return to employment for a lot of people as well,” he said.

“What we need now is for West Australians to get out and about now is the time to be returning to your favourite locations en masse.”

The Aftermath of COVID-19 and Casinos in Australia

The gambling space in Australia will surely survive the massive drop they faced under the lockdown restrictions. The COVID-19 has brought many economies to a halt and the same has been the case in most parts of Straya.

However, gambling in Australia is very popular with over 80% of adults getting involved and this is the highest global rate.

Back in 2015, Australians left a sum of $17.5 billion. This means they spent over $949 per adult on slot machines and sportsbook. Nevertheless, close to 10% of all the state incomes $3.65 billion per annual come from betting.

This includes sports betting, casino games, horseracing and dog racing as well as pokies and lotteries which also attracts notable interest.

Final Thoughts

The numbers do not lie, and now that the casinos are open, we are likely to witness another massive increase in casino gaming participation. The 2015 record will likely to be surpassed since gamblers have been longing to place their bets on their favourite casino games.


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Online gambling in Aussie is illegal. But you can place your bets at the legal land casinos. You are able to gamble on sports and other various land casinos gambling platforms.