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Casino Legislation
Casino Legislation

Despite online casino being a new kid in the block and relatively young, it has already evolved in a complex thing rather. One of the main mishaps when it comes to these complex things is that they are very tough to regulate. Well, online gambling is actually no exception. Therefore, as the gambling industry keeps on evolving so is the online casino legislation.

There is no doubt that each country has its own regulations when it comes to gambling. Casino legislations can actually vary in different parts of the world. Even though there are, some countries that views gambling as illegal, there are others that have gone an extra-mile to impose laws on gambling to make it a legal activity.

Not all the time that thing seems to be black and white in some countries. Therefore, it means online casino is both legal and illegal. But is it the same story in Australia and other countries in the world. There is only one way to find out more about online casino legislation in Aussie and other countries.

Casino Legislation in Australia and New Zealand

Australian Gaming Authorities are very much aware that punters in Aussie fancy play casino games for real money. Having that in mind, in Australia there is the Interactive Gambling Act (2001) which is there to regulate online gambling. According to this act of 2001, providing particular online gambling services is illegal with online casino included. All things being equal, only lottery and sports games are permitted.

On the other hand, there is no law that clearly prohibits the operation of online gambling. Therefore, from the punters point of view casino gambling is legal in Australia and New Zealand. All you need to is to play gambling games for real money on a broad gambling site.

Gambling in Europe

We can all agree that gambling has been embraced in most parts of the world. And in the UK, it’s the same story. The UK is known to be very conservative when it comes to the lifestyle of their citizens. But that’s not the issue with online casino gaming. In the UK, every form of gambling online is legal. In addition, all the horses are given permission to operate in the UK despite where they resides.


Legislation is there to make sure that online casinos in Australia are following all the legal channels of betting. This is a way of making sure that casino players are placing their bets at reliable casinos. This is to avoid rogue casinos flocking their way online.

Casino Legislation FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”253″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”253″ title=”⭐ Is online gambling in Australia legal?” active=”true”]Online gambling in Aussie is legal the same way any form of gambling is made legal in other European countries.[/accordion][accordion group=”253″ title=”⭐ What is the best and legit casino online in Australia?” active=””]There are quite a number of casinos in Aussie. And amongst them there are both rogue and legit casinos and you need to make sure you choose wisely.[/accordion][accordion group=”253″ title=”⭐ Do online casinos cheat?” active=””]Most of the online casinos do not cheat. They have no reason to. Just like a live casino, everything is put out there to enhance transparent.[/accordion][accordion group=”253″ title=”⭐ Are online casinos slots rigged?” active=””]The answer to this is no, this is because slots are played under a license by a reputable body. Hence there is no way slots can be rigged.[/accordion][accordion group=”253″ title=”⭐ Why do I never win on online slots?” active=””]The best thing you need to consider when you are playing slots for real money is the payout sizes. At most games that have smaller jackpots as well as other prizes pay more often.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]